Jack Chang

2019 | Systems & Information Engineering and Economics | jac6dn@virginia.edu

Why did you decide to run for this position?

OYFA has done so much for me and I love the people, the connections, and the good times go hoos. There really isn't another organization like this that brings together such a diverse and friendly group of people. College can be tough sometimes and it's important to have a support system and friends you can trust. OYFA exudes this feeling of family and a level of welcomeness that had me hooked from the very beginning; it's now my turn to show every and anyone that no matter what your background is or how busy you are, there's always a place for you here.

If you were given the AUX, which song would you play?


What is you favorite anime?

One Piece

What is one goal you want to accomplish by the end of the year?

Lead the GREATEST lineage of all time

What is your favorite OYFA memory?

This is my third time doing this bio and I have always had the same favorite OYFA memory: flashback to first year- it's past midnight and Barrio's the next day (or I guess later that day). It's been a long day of rehearsals and everyone is tired. Our fearless culture chairs want another runthrough and we comply (we have to, they're scary). First year modern is up and one by one we go through each of our dances: Tinikling, boys, partners, girls- then comes the everyone's dance. The song's House Party by Meek Mill. We're halfway through the choreo and the music shuts off. The speakers blown. We briefly look at each other. Do we keep going? "...HOUSE PARTY, PARTY!" All the upperclassmen start chanting the lyrics and we finish out the dance. One of the hypest moments of my life.

Alexa Gavino

2019 | Kinesiology | amg8tf@virginia.edu

Why did you decide to run for this position?

Previously serving as OYFA's sports chair and corresponding these past two years has allowed me to grow as a leader, friend, and mentor. I wanted to continue serving this organization and ensuring its success and relevance in the greater UVA community. I also wish to show others just how powerful the bonds you form in OYFA can be, whether it be big-little, families, or friends for life.

What is your favorite anime?

Avatar the Last Airbender

What is your favorite class at UVA and why?

Musculoskeletal Anatomy Cadaver Lab! We get to dissect real human bodies and it's such a cool experience to see the body structures you study in class on an actual person.

What is your favorite OYFA memory?

It's hard to find a memory that beats my fall symposium in 2017. Having a weekend to spend with a childhood idol, AJ Rafael, was a completely surreal experience. But most importantly this event proved to myself and others that my capabilities on dreaming big, working hard, and accomplishing my goals were not to be overlooked.

If you were stranded on an Island and could only eat one food the entire time, what would it be?

French Toast

Is water wet?

What does it mean to be wet? Webster dictionary defines it as "consisting of, containing, covered with, or soaked with liquid (such as water)". What is the definition of water? "A particular quantity or body of...liquid oxide of hydrogen H2O". Water, a particular quantity of H2O, consists of and/or is covered/soaked with a liquid, THEREFORE, water is in fact, wet.

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