Vince Egalla

2017 | Economics |

Why did you decide to run for this position?

I've learned a lot getting to where I am now and I'd really like to share what I can with others, give good advice, and make sure Oyfans are getting the best out of their time at UVA.

What is your favorite OYFA memory?

I'll put two. During my first year Barrio, we were scrambling to find a practice location for the last practice. We all ended up in the bandroom (thanks to Marc Guzman) and we watched UVA basketball play. There was such an incredible spirit that night which carried over to our practices. The other favorite memory was my second year as culture. I handled the last Culturefest practice and it felt good knowing I was supporting the then-babies.

What did you do/plan to do this summer?

I am interning at the Pentagon for the US Army Headquarters.

What did you eat today?

Free pizza. Every Tuesday. Free pizza.

Elexa Rallos

2017 | Biology |

Why did you decide to run for this position?

OYFA has been a really big part of my three years here at UVA and I wanted to still be a part of it for my final year (sadness).

Favorite OYFA memory?

By now, there are so many memories to choose from but I really enjoyed my first year's night before Barrio when we didn't have a space to practice in and ended up going from a garage to the parking lot to the band building where we watched the Hoos lose in the Sweet Sixteen to Michigan State (dangit). One of the funnest nights during my time at UVA and really made me love OYFA.

What did you do/plan to do this summer?

I just worked and ran a lot of EMT, went to a few concerts, enjoyed my last summer here in Charlottesville as an undergrad (more sadness).

What did you eat today?

I had Papi John's

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