Joe Malasa

2019 | Psychology |

Why did you decide to run for this position?

You might've heard that OYFA is super lit or OYFA becomes a home away from home and I full-heartedly agree. This organization consistently creates unforgettable memories and unshakable bonds for its members. The people that make up this organization are some of my closest friends and coolest people I have met at this University. So you see the cliche picture that I ran for this position for the people that have made my experience so great. But I didn't run to just give back to them. I ran because I saw so many missed opportunities for the organization and for the people within it. People felt like they didn't belong, or they didn't like the way an event was run, or they felt like they weren't making the most of their time at the university. I wanted every person at UVA to know that they are much more capable of creating change that they believe, but especially my fellow OYFAn's and Filipino Americans. Whether it be changing the way we run events or changing the perceptions of this organization, I'm ready to be super extra for the people I care about most. I promised myself that I would make OYFA this: the best environment to become the best version of oneself.

What is your favorite OYFA memory?

My favorite OYFA memory as of currently would be Council Elections 2017. You may hear that OYFA is a little intense with elections but it was so astounding to see how much the babies that I've known all year go up to the podium and present all their amazing ideas. All the time and energy that went into those elections felt indicative of how amazing this 30th year of OYFA will be.

If you were talking to a large group of people, what is one piece of professional or personal advice that you would want to share?

This is a difficult because I love sharing advice because my life often needs guidance. However, the one piece of advice that I would share has always helped me on my journey would be to find a true love for learning. Go ahead and spend your whole life trying to be the most proficient or the best test taker, but with true learning comes a true appreciation for the world. Similar to love, a true love for learning doesn't come forcibly, it can come at you during any moment, and everyone has something to teach you something new. Don't spend your life trying to prove you're right, and learn that the one thing that will change your life is admitting that there is so much that people have to teach you.

What is one goal you are working towards now?

Listen, I have ninety-nine goals, but if I had to pick one, I genuinely want to work on being a better friend to the people who care about me. The bigger goal is to be able to guarantee my promises and people being fully confident in my word, but no promises yet lmao.

I hand you the AUX cord. What song are you playing?

And more chune for your headtop, so watch how you speak on my name, you know? Sorry about that Drake.

What is something you are passionate about?

The Organization of Young Filipino Americans. But really though, I just really love helping people achieve their dreams. Unless it's a bad dream.

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