Regina Yap

2020 | Computer Science |

Why did you decide to run for this position?

Throughout my first year, I felt like OYFA was a place where I really belonged. I was able to connect with a large network of people that would soon become my family. From casual hangouts to the OYFA Winter Ski trip, I found myself looking forward to spending my time with my friends. I ran for the Webmaster position because I wanted to project the same feeling of compatibility within the organization, while at the same time, sharpening my coding skills. As Webmaster, I hope to offer an approachable, recognizable, and impressionable aspect to council through my work and personality.

What is your favorite OYFA memory?

Looking back, my favorite OYFA memory would have to be whenever I walked to classes on Grounds because I would always see friends from OYFA. Being part of such a large organization like OYFA really helped me integrate into the UVA community because I was able to know so many people. In turn, the new friendships that I made helped me build connections in other communities, like Student Hip Hop Organization (SHHO) and Student Council.

How would you plan your perfect day?

My perfect day would start off waking up early in the morning to check my phone and check out the news and watch videos. Then, I would get ready and work on some school or personal work. By noon, I would be cooking an assortment of vegan comfort foods, like pulled "pork" BBQ, "ham"burgers, and lots and lots of salads. After letting the food digest, I would hit the gym for about an hour or go on a hike for two hours with friends. Then, I would come back home, eat some Cambodian food and talk with my family. To end the day, I would walk around the lake with my family and then finish up the night by watching a movie.

If you were talking to a large group of people, what is one piece of professional or personal advice that you would want to share?

Before, I would be so fixated on my shortcomings and compare myself to others. However, it wasn't until I classmate said to me, "Why do you worry about them? You are you, and they are [themselves]." After thinking about what she said for a while, I realized that people have different strengths and different weaknesses. We are all made differently. If we were meant to be the same, the world would be a very disinteresting place.

What is one goal you are working towards now?

After going through a lot of changes during my first year, I am working on becoming happier with my physical, academic, and social aspects of my life. I know that with the right mindset, everything will fall into place.

I hand you the AUX cord. What song are you playing?

Anything on my "R is for Relaxed" or "R is for Relaxed Pt. 2" playlists on Spotify! I made the playlist with the Culture chair, Roseanna, and it is perfect for you if you like a blend of Hip Hop and RnB.

What is one food you would want other people to try? Why?

Banh Xeo. It is a meat crepe from both Cambodia and Vietnam that is served with lots of fresh vegetables and fish sauce! It's light, tangy, and savory. So delicious, I highly recommend.

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